Unadressed needle related infections

Prevention of transportation of the patients own bacterial flora upon puncture by the medical needle.

Source control is the single most important step of any infection prevention. Xaga introduces source control to medical needles

Currently adressed needle related infections

Prevention of infections from one human to another.
Needle stick injuries to medical staff are adressed by needle covers and infections caused by needle sharing by social programs.

Based on Research
Developed in the Clinic

Xaga Surgical's research and product development  have been the result of a collaborative effort by a diverse and interdisciplinary team. Encompassed by experts in infection control, urology, surgery, pathology, intensive care, medical technology, engineering, prototyping, research, as well as partnerships with several Swedish and international companies it is a true team effort. The orchestrator of this collaborative endeavor has been Andreas Forsvall at Lund University and the final results of our efforts are the products developed by Xaga Surgical.

Xaga's primary goal has been to transition from identifying problems to delivering effective solutions, which have culminated in the  products described here. The scientific foundation underpinning these advancements can be explored further in the section below. We have several ongoing trials, stay updated for future results.

Short video abstract of the scientific background1,2 of the Forsvall Biopsy System.

Winner of best Abstract at the International Prostate Cancer Update in Vail, USA Jan 2023.
Short video abstract and demonstration of the Forsvall Biopsy Needle movement in simulated target biopsy, as well as a planned large trial.

Please note that needle deviation is dependent of tissue properties and distance to target, the video is just a demonstration.

Presented at the International Prostate Cancer Update in Vail, USA Jan 2023

The deadly spiral in
Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance is a global crisis, with bacteria and microorganisms evolving to resist antibiotic treatment. Overuse and misuse of antibiotics in human medicine, agriculture, and livestock accelerate this problem. Hospital-acquired infections, often requiring antibiotic treatment, worsen the issue. These infections further envelope already antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Treating such infections becomes costlier and more challenging, leading to prolonged illness and higher mortality rates. A deadly spiral placing antibiotic resistance as one of the top 10 threats to humanity. To tackle this threat, responsible antibiotic use, new antibiotics, and infection prevention are vital.

Xaga Surgical contributes by the most vital step in infection prevention- source control. By developing safer needles we aim to prevent infections and reduce the need to treat already resistant bacteria, breaking the deadly spiral.


1) Forsvall A, Fisher J, Cardoso JFP, Wagenius M, Tverring J, Nilson B, Dahlin A, Bratt O, Linder A, Mohanty T. Evaluation of the Forsvall biopsy needle in an ex vivo model of transrectal prostate biopsy - a novel needle design with the objective to reduce the risk of post-biopsy infection. Scand J Urol. 2021 Jun;55(3):227-234. doi: 10.1080/21681805.2021.1921023. Epub 2021 May 17. PMID: 33999753.

2) Forsvall A, Fisher J, Wagenius M, Broman C, Korkocic D, Bratt O, Linder A. Prostate biopsy quality and patient experience with the novel Forsvall biopsy needle - a randomized controlled non-inferiority trial. Scand J Urol. 2021 Jun;55(3):235-241. doi: 10.1080/21681805.2021.1921024. Epub 2021 May 17. PMID: 33999764.

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